Hermetic Preserving Jar

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Each of the Amici Webster Hermetic Preserving Jars is intelligently and strategically labeled with graceful black lettering that says either Sugar, Rice, Flour or Pasta. With a matching black lid, each dry goods jar is appropriately sized and labeled. With a hermetic sealing lid, these jars are ideal for preserving rice, flour, pasta, candy, dry foods, and much more. You will thoroughly enjoy the detail that grace these jars! Be sure to hand-wash these jars to keep them looking good and working well. This set consists of 3 jars: a medium Rice Jar measuring 9"H x 4.5" Diameter and holding 51-ounces, a large Flour Jar measuring 10.25"H x 5" Diameter and holding 74-ounces and lastly an Extra Large Pasta Jar measuring 10.75"H x 6" Diameter and holding an astounding 105-ounces.