Bumbleberry Farms

Bumbleberry Farms

BumbleBerry Farms began with a drive to learn something new and offer something different. We quickly found a love for bees, their devoted task in nature and the sweet results. We realized that honey should be shared—just like the bees share with us. So, we found ourselves buzzing about to local farmers markets and craft fairs, sharing a little bit about honey and sharing a lot of our products.

As it turned out, people loved our homemade honey creams just as much as we did. So, we found ourselves happily toiling over our honey house stovetop day in and day out, making 18 jars of honey cream spread at a time—only just enough to satisfy our growing customer base. During this time, we found our own set of worker bees—family and friends who were ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and spend an hour or two filling bottles, stirring pots and being dedicated taste testers. While our bees buzzed about from flower to flower, we buzzed about from pot to pot, stirring and testing and experimenting with new flavors that that tasted of our childhoods growing up in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania–maple syrup on hotcakes, cinnamon rolls, homemade caramels, and hot cocoa.

It was a humble start, but it set the pace for what has become a burgeoning line of honey and edible honey spreads.

Buzz forward a few years and the worker bees are still around, though they no longer have to cram together inside the honey house. We eventually landed in a test kitchen that allowed us to concoct our honey spreads in 100-gallon batches—a quantity that is a bit more palatable for our customers who are always hungry for more. We sell to independent gift and gourmet food stores, as well as larger specialty food stores though we still find ourselves venturing out to a farmers market every now and again to spread sweetness in our community.

No matter where our bees fly next or what their next creation will bring, one thing will remain the same: out commitment to spreading happiness with quality food with clean ingredients, and a respect for how nature intended it to be.