Low Salt Party Cracker Seasoning

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The Original Savory Cracker Seasoning makes any bow of saltines a fantastic party snack. Every packet makes 4 sleeves of saltines, 3-4 bags of oyster crackers or 2 boxes of mini- saltines, ensuring there will be plenty to go around.  Comes with a two gallon sealable bag for mixing.

Available in 6 wonderful versions, all are guaranteed simple to make and require no baking!

  • Original- Original flavor is our most popular.  It has a bold, unique taste without being too hot or spicy.  Most often described as AMAZING!
  • Low Salt- The same great Original taste is now available with less sodium.
  • Garden Dill- The subtle hints of lemon, vinegar and dill combine to make this lightly tangy and refreshing dill flavor.
  • Texas Chipotle- Texas Chipotle is a bit spicier than our Original, but the perfect balance of smoky heat and bold flavor.
  • Sweet Bar-B-Q- The kick you expect with all the sweet heat of a good Southern Bar-B-Q
  • Cinnamon Toast is our newest flavor.  It has just the right mixture of cinnamon, sugar & spice.  Reminds you of the cinnamon toast you loved as a child.