Spiral Slicer

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HIC's Spiral Vegetable Slicer quickly makes julienne cut vegetables for salads, stir frys, spiral pasta dishes, even soups and stews. This hand-operated spiral cutter is simple to use and saves valuable time during food preparation! Just insert vegetable and twist. It requires no assembly, nor batteries or electricity and compact for easy storage and portability. The ideal julienne veggie slicer for cooking quick healthy meals and eating healthy on a budget, at home or on the go. Make long ribbons, narrow spiral cuts, spaghetti-like shoestring cuts, and vegetable "noodles", like zucchini pasta, or other types of squash spaghetti, julienne carrots for salads and stir frys, prep ingredients for casseroles or a favorite vegetarian recipe.

  • Julienne vegetables at 2 thicknesses; use 1 end to cut strips 2-millimeter wide x 3-millimeter thick and the other to cut strips 3.5-millimeter wide x 5-millimeter thick.
  • The pusher lid with prong and teeth helps turn smaller end pieces and keeps fingers out of harms way.
  • HIC's Spiral Vegetable Slicer has stainless steel blades and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.